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Aspectek Pest Repeller

Aspectek is the latest company to enter the outdoor pest repeller market with our 2-pack of our latest and greatest yard sentinel repellers. Our repellers are designed to help end thecozy and diseases caused by animal pests so you can stay clean and green. Our repellers are ultrasonic, meaning they are gentle on humans and animals, and areadapted to work with both the outdoor and indoor air quality needs. Our products are available now and will run you $30.

Yard Sentinel ENHANCED 2-Pack ❂ Outdoor Ultrasonic Animal

Yard Sentinel ENHANCED 2-Pack ❂

By Aspectek

USD $109.99

Home Sentinel Indoor Pest Control Repellent, Ultrasonic Elec

Home Sentinel Indoor Pest Control

By New Unbrand

USD $20.29

Aspectek Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - 4-in-1 Electronic Pest C

Top Aspectek Pest Repeller Comparison

Aspectek pest repeller repellers are perfect for indoor pests. With an ultrasonic repeller and electromagnetic ionizer, they are powerful and effective at repelling pests. This model is also easy to use, coming with a light that can be used for advertising or marketing.
aspectek pest repeller repellers are perfect for controlling pests in your home. With adjustable head and night light, they're easy to use at night or in the morning. Theultrasonic technology is hi-pelescopic - meaning it can see detail up to 800 times longer than a human's eyes - so you can keep your home protected against harmful pests.
The deflectors repellers are designed to repel pests from your outside without using up valuable power supplies. They use ultrasonic technology to create a sound equal to or more powerful than a green animal. Aspectek's own software helps to create effective signals that are even more effective than a regular animal repellent. This product is perfect for use in an open space, around the block, or inside any door.